Change... or Don't Change

The apparent choice is an illusion, because, even if your organization doesn't change, the world will, leaving your organization changed - just not in a way you have control over.

Managing Change

Northern Management Consultants offer consultation, training and technical assistance directed at helping service organizations improve their capacity to address their core mission. Often this effort involves change, either in the form of process - the manner in which work is conducted - or technology - the methodology used to provide goods and services.

In particular NMC will help your organization bridge the chasm that yawns between the inovators in your organization and the mass of people who are hesitate or reluctant to adopt new approaches to desired outcomes.

Current Activities

  • Pennsylvania - Implementing Evidence Based Employment Practices.
  • Tennessee - Implementing Recovery Oriented Services - Symptom Management
  • Philadelphia - Implementing Wellness and Recovery Centers

What We Do

Needs Assessment
Program Assessment
Customer service quality assessment
Organizational capacity assessment
Environmental scan

Strategic planning
Program planning and development
Grant writing
Planning process facilitation

Futures vision facilitation
Program start-up
Organizational change event Planning and facilitation
New program start-up
Board training and development

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