Current Projects

Philadelphia County, City of Philadelphia, Office of Behavioral Health, Conversion of Partial Hospitalization to Recovery and Wellness Centers

The role of the consultant has been to assist in the management of all aspects of organizational change - the change for each site being "transforming" from a traditional partial hospitalization program to a wellness and recovery program providing short term skill building, disability management and peer support.  The basis for these transformed services are the four "pillar" identified by stakeholder groups:  community integration; peer culture; recovery planning; and family inclusion. The technology basis are the evidence based practices.The consultant was charged with mentoring and providing training and technical assistance to this change process. The consultant attends regular meetings with staff and with consumer advisory committees, and other stakeholders.  The consultant is also responsible for providing off site training to other members of DBH and CBH, and the development of a Manual to guide future sites' transformation efforts.



Transformation, © 2008 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Eric Okdeh, Elwyn, Inc., 4040 Market Street, Sponsored by the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health/Mental Retardation Services, and the City of Philadelphia, Mural Arts Program, Photo by Jack Ramsdale


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