Change has been viewed from a variety of perspectives, the validity of which is debated endlessly amongst academicians. Northern Management sees change in a fairly straightforward fashion: Change is a marketing problem

Why we change

People change because something in them makes it necessary or attractive. The role of organization change processes is to implment strategies that allow employees to see the adoption of new policies or technologies as necessary or attractitve. How? In the same way we make our products seem necessary or attractive: we create in the employee or stakeholder the perception of need. Understanding the Adoption Curve is an important pre-requisite for bringing about change.

What we know from the Adoption Curve is that people adapt to change differently and that it is important to identify within one's organization which of your employees is where in terms of their capacity to embrace new service technology.

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Our consultation and technical assistant will help you adjust to a changing world and reorganize to adopt innovation and new service technology. It particular, we will help you bridge that gap between innovators and early adoptors in your organization and the bulk of you employees and services staff.

What they are saying about us

Northern Management Consultants is an innovator in the area of organizational change. Our approach emphasizes the human side of the change process; we focus on inclusion in decision making and stress the importance of co-worker relationships in making change happen.

  • Joanne Forbes, Former Director of Customer Service, South Beach, Staten Island, NY.

    "...go to the essence of change and craft a process that allows systems to move forward."
  • Lisa Ragan, Office of Support Services, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

    "...not only bring a high level of professionalism...but also bring a tangible passion...'
  • Marie Williams, Assistant Commissioner, TDMHDD

    "..the best consultant team I have come in contact with--they are full of integrity, vision, wisdom and high principles and will lead any organization to the best and highest potential."